Joe Gilman plays “A Touch of Jazz”

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Joe Gilman, world-class pianist and instructor, re-interprets the songs from A Touch of Jazz (as presented in the Jazz Clues program). Hear what can be possible when a brilliant musician puts his own spin on these original compositions written by Neil Moore. This album is designed as an audio supplement to enhance teachers’ and students’ experiences with the Jazz Clues program.

This album offers insight to the world of jazz, and is suitable for complete beginners, experienced and professional musicians alike.

As an additional bonus, it also includes three alternate takes and one bonus, never-before released song ‘Where Did It Go?’ We recommend this album for all teachers and students interested in deepening their exposure to jazz and improvisation. These materials are digital only and will be available for download on the ‘My Account’ page of the Student Intranet.

Track List:

  • The Mirron
  • Solace of the Wind
  • Here to Stay
  • If You Call
  • High Five
  • Once, At ‘The Latin’…
  • Lament
  • Where Did it Go?
  • Solace Of The Wind (Alternate Take)
  • If You Call (Alternate Take)
  • High Five (Alternate Take)

Sneak Peek:

Read a little bit about why we created this album as well as a few audio samples.


Digital Materials – Once purchased, these digital materials will be available for download on the ‘My Account’ page of the Student Intranet.


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