The Chord Drill

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Created by Elizabeth Gaikwad, a Master Simply Music Teacher from Sydney, Australia, who has produced a number of very popular supplemental materials for Simply Music teachers and students, has done it again.

The Chord Drill is a great companion for you as you progress through the wonderful journey of Chords and Accompaniment, from the very beginning through to more advanced levels. This program is delivered as a set of reference videos – essentially a keynote/powerpoint presentation with audio.

Part 1 of The Chord Drill provides a systematic and fun way of thoroughly processing all 12 Accompaniment 1 chords in every key, including the less commonly used chords which can often seem more difficult to remember.

Part 2 of the program, Challenges, develops skills beyond Accompaniment 1, taking the usage of chords to a whole new level! In this section you will:

  • move through a series of Rhythmic Challenges to add variations to the basic Chord Ratios;
  • carefully step through the concept of Inversions as discussed in Accompaniment 2, and how to move all of the Accompaniment 1 chord shapes into 1st and 2nd inversions;
  • also add two new chords to your musical vocabulary!

The Student Home Materials for The Chord Drill consists of:

  • Reference Materials (PDFs):
    • Project Lists
    • Flash Cards
    • Worksheet
    • Complete Lists
    • Transcripts
  • Support Videos
  • Audio

Digital materials access note: digital materials can be accessed after purchase on the Curriculum page.


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