Teacher Collection Vol. 1 – Compositions by Simply Music Teachers

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Created by a group of our own brilliant Simply Music Teachers, the Teacher Collection Vol. 1 program is designed as a resource for further reading projects at the level of Time for More Music and beyond. Over 22 compositions, you have the opportunity to explore music from simple to more challenging. The large choice and variety of works gives you the chance to explore more songs in styles you enjoy and also helps provide further projects if your teacher feels you would benefit from more pieces at a particular level. You’ll find features and challenges that will expand your knowledge and experience, including expression and other markings, key and time signatures you may not have worked with before, and many other details that can only come from learning a large range of pieces.

The Student Home Materials for the Teacher Collection Vol. 1 consists of:

  • Music Book
  • Audio

Digital materials access note: digital materials can be accessed after purchase on the Curriculum page.


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