Playing in the Moment

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How many times have you declined a chance to perform for others because you were just too nervous? Performance anxiety – the wobbly knees, sweaty palms and dry throat, the feeling of dread – can ruin opportunities to share your love of music. Performers far more skilled and experienced than you or I have suffered this curse, but it can happen even if you just want to play for family and friends.

Master Teacher and Simply Music Director of Programs Gordon Harvey draws from current research as well as his own experience as a performer and teacher to offer a fresh perspective on the issue. Rather than simply offering coping strategies, Gordon looks at finding a personal place from which we can draw on our individual relationship with music, offering perspectives along with practical activities that help you reach your optimum ‘performance energy’. However you would like to share your music, this program offers a pathway to greater musical and personal self-expression.

The Materials for Playing in the Moment consists of:

  • Notes
  • Audio (Approx. 85 minutes)

There is no in-class training for this program. Playing in the Moment is a self-generative program – the contents should be utilized independently from your lessons, on your own time, or with the support of your teacher if they choose.

Digital materials access note: digital materials can be accessed after purchase on the Curriculum page.


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