Ensemble Accompaniment Workshop

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This workshop will provide students with the skills needed to play in any musical ensemble or band where lead sheets are used as the primary source of instruction.

Based on just three simple shapes, you can easily learn a full array of contemporary chords, in all 12 keys. You immediately have access to playing from chord charts, fake books and lead sheets. Basic rhythmic accompaniment skills are developed in class through singing and playing along with others.

Once a strong foundation is established with several chords, you will take your pieces to new levels of interest and complexity by introducing a wide variety of rhythmic variations.

The Student Home Materials (SHMs) for the Ensemble Accompaniment Workshop consists of:

  • Reference Book (PDF)

The Student Home Materials have been designed to be used in conjunction with your lessons. It is essential that you only progress in the manner prescribed by your teacher. The only way your teacher can ensure that you get the very best results from this program, is for you to not move ahead onto other pieces or programs, unless specifically instructed by your teacher to do so.

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