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Created by Karen Nisenson, MM, MA, BCMT and Neil Moore, Founder of Simply Music, Simply Music Gateway was designed to give students with special needs and learning differences a highly successful experience with musical expression. In particular, those on the Autism spectrum, or with learning disabilities, neurological dysfunction, developmental delays, fine motor challenges and ADHD will benefit from this program’s unique approach.

Students start the program by improvising with audio tracks, giving them the experience of immediate music-making while targeting specific fine motor functions. A selection of songs from the Simply Music Core Curriculum is then taught using a structured protocol and at a pace appropriate for the student.

The Student Home Materials (SHMs) for Simply Music Gateway consist of:

  • Reference Book
  • The Relationship Graph
  • Playlist Book
  • Notes Book
  • Practice Pad
  • Evaluation Form
  • Finger Diagram
  • Music Book
  • Audio Files

The Student Home Materials have been designed to be used in conjunction with their lessons. Students will enjoy the best results by progressing in the manner prescribed by the teacher.


Digital Materials – Once purchased, this set of materials will be available at any time in a digital format, located in ‘My Library’, under the ‘Special Needs Program’ section on the Student Intranet.


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