Foundation Duets & Variations Vol. 1

Student Home Materials


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Teacher Created Program Description:

Created by Elizabeth Gaikwad, this exciting program features duet arrangements of Foundation 1 & 2 pieces and provides benefits on multiple levels. It gives you an experience of playing with others and the listening to rhythm and speed. The Duets Program provides reinforcement of the learning and playing strategies of the original pieces while at the same time offering new playing-based projects. It can also be used to provide more reading-based projects down the road.

This Program includes a Music/Reference Book and Audio Recordings.

The following is a list of song titles in this program:

  • Dreams Come True
  • Night Storm
  • Jackson Blues
  • Honey Dew
  • Chester Chills Out
  • Amazing Grace
  • Dog
  • Sleeping
  • Ode To Joy

The Student Home Materials have been designed to be used in conjunction with your lessons. It is essential that you only progress in the manner prescribed by your teacher. The only way your teacher can ensure that you get the very best results from this program, is for you to not move ahead onto other pieces or programs, unless specifically instructed by your teacher to do so.


Digital Materials – Once purchased, this set of materials will be available at any time in a digital format, located in ‘My Library’, under the Supplemental Programs section on the Student Intranet.


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